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Bali Surfing


  • Tanjung Benoa, Bali-Indonesia

Departure Time

  • Depends on Package


  • Depends on Package


  • Adventure, Sport, Family



Bali Sunshine Surf school have a very good instructor all can Surf of course, all speak in English and very friendly.
they will teach you how to surf Easy,Fun and Safe.
you can ask them any question about surf when the class going.
they will teach you seriously.
and they are will make sure you can surf in the first class.

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Our Package:

Beginner lesson

Beginner lesson is a good choice for person who never do the surf before.
we will teach you the surf basic and the surf safety.
this program will take 2,5 hours lesson.
( 30 Minute Theory and 2 Hours Practice in the water). and this program is including the guarantee
(if you cannot stand up in the first lesson next lesson we give you free until you can stand up on the surf board)

Price for this lesson is ONLY Rp 500.000 / USD$ 50  

Disc 10% if you book from e-mail.


Kids Special lesson

For a Kid Special Lesson will start from 5 until 7 years old only.
we have a special instructor for this lesson, really good with kid and will make sure your kid safe and enjoy the surf. is no problem if your kid cannot swim,because we do the class not to deep. and at very safe spot.
so for Dad and mom don't worry everything is safe with us.

Price for this lesson is ONLY Rp 400.000 / USD$ 40 

Disc 10% if you book from e-mail.


Private lesson

Private lesson is one student with one instructor.
in this program the instructor will give full attention for one student only...
it's SAFE , FUN and EASY (^_^).......

Price for this program is ONLY  IDR 650.000 / USD$ 65/person 

Disc 10% if you book from e-mail.


Semi Private Lesson

Semi private lesson is class with only 2 student with 1 Instructor for 2,5 hours.
the instructor was only watch two student or teach only two student,of course you can get much more attention than take a beginners lesson. as you know beginner lesson is handle 3 student with 1 instructor.

Price for this lesson is ONLY IDR 1.100.000 / USD$ 110/person

Disc 10% if you book from e-mail.











What to wear/bring:

Comfortable outfit, sunscreen, camera, swimming costume, shirt for sun protection, cash for drinks and great spirit of holiday.

Surfing is FUN,SAFE and EASY



"Please do not hesitate to contact us if the information that we provide is not clear."